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Monday, 27 August 2012

Hello Again

Hello again, sorry that it's been so long, but there's been so much going on lately. Some old friends have returned to the Kingdom of Morgannwg and it's been great to see them. The last couple of months where you are has been over two years down here. Don't ask me how that's possible, it just is. All manner of unusual things happen here since the curse.

I think I'd better update you on what's been happening. Well since I spoke to you last Finndragon has unleashed a new demon upon us. It is bigger, faster and far more fearsome than any beast I have ever seen.

I've also been very busy practicing my magic. Emma, Megan and Scott's father James has been helping me a little. I'm very pleased with my progress, but I'm still no match for Finndragon; I don't think that there will ever be such a magnificent magician, or such an evil one.

Emma has brought some interesting things with her from the 21st century, although I had an unfortunate experience with one of them. I can't go into that just now, but I'm sure that you'll find out. All I can say is that there was much merriment at my expense.

Megan asked me a good question the other day, she said "Could medieval magic work in the modern world above?" As I've never been to this world of theirs, you know the one that you live in, I couldn't really answer that for sure.

Magic is magic and I would guess that my magic would work anywhere. I just need my spell book, potions and my amulet, but as I'm trapped by Finndragon's Curse I'll never be able to visit your world.

What worries Emma is that Finndragon might be able to get through Finndragon's Gate and find his way to your time and place. Now if that happened I don't think that even with all the wonderful inventions that she has told me about, that have come about over the last fifteen hundred years, anyone would be able to stop him.

His demons would bring havoc to any place that the evil wizard should decide to send them and that gives us one more reason why we must break his curse.

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