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Friday, 3 May 2013

Has Beanpole's Team Fallen Victim to Finndragon's Curse?

The Crafanc Chronicle can exclusively reveal that Billy Beanpole and his team have not been seen for a week. The last time we had any communication from Billy, his team had located the Needle's Eye and were closing in on Finndragon's Gate, our reporter Susan Snoop reports.
The only clue appears to be a rope, which can be seen dangling from a cliff.
A police spokesperson stated that a crack team of Crafanc cavers have been brought in to search for the missing team.
"We have spared all expense in bringing in a specialist team of volunteers," said PC Percy Plonker. "We're sure that there is a logical explanation, but we're not ruling out the possibility that the curse has struck again."

There has certainly been some strange goings on in Crafanc y Ddraig recently. Other headlines in the Chronicle this week are:

"Large Black Cat Spotted on Taff Trail Was Just a Badger."

"Unusual, Unexplained Orange Glow Seen Over Old Steelwork Sites."

"The Paraglider Who Claims to Have Been Attacked by Huge Bat-Like Creature, recuperates in Hospital."

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