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My name is Richie Earl. I'm a forty-something Indie Author, writing YA fantasy novels. I have self-published two books in the Tales of Finndragon Series: The Legend of Finndragon's Curse and Return to Finndragon's Den. In creating One Thousand Worlds in One Thousand Words, I hope to give other authors some valuable exposure, and help them find readers and success.

Friday, 28 June 2013

The Beginning (Of The End)

This is my first post for several weeks due to some personal and family problems. These came at a time when my blog tour had just started and as a result, I have been unable to devote much time to promoting the tour. It's nearly over now, and I must pay special thanks to all my wonderful hosts. Your kindness and support has been very much appreciated.

The 10% giveaway hasn't really taken off and it probably wouldn't be much of a prize, as sales have been very slow. Again largely due to the fact that I have done very little promotional work myself. So I will be running a new competition from this blog. Details to follow.

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